Willowfield Building

Willowfield Building

The Willowfield Building is a brand new facility providing a dedicated home for many outpatient services previously located in the Golden Jubilee Wing.

It is located on the King’s College Hospital site, a short walk from the Golden Jubilee Wing on Bessemer Road. As a purpose-built, state-of-the-art centre dedicated to outpatient care, it offers a modern and pleasant environment for patients.

The building has been developed with advice from patients and staff from the relocating services. The space freed up from the moves will be used to make improvements to the journey of patients requiring assessment or short-term treatment in hospital. This is part of a programme at King’s that is designed to improve patient experience, by transforming the way care is delivered.

Services in the Willowfield Building

From 07 November 2022:

From 14 November 2022:

From 28 November 2022: