Cookies and Privacy

Cookies are small text files that your browser stores when you visit some websites and will be sent back to the website each time you request a page.

This page is to give you more information on the cookies your browser stores when visiting our website. You can also set your cookie settings for our site.

First party cookies

We set several cookies on your browser. When cookies are disabled we only leave KCHCookies and ASP.NET_SessionId as strictly necessary for our site.

KCHCookiesThis cookie is used to remember your preference for cookies across our site.
KCHCookieBannerThis controls the display of the cookie information banner at the top of the page on your first visit.
__utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmzThese cookies are for Google Analytics. They help us collect information on how our site is used in an anonymised form. You can also use their opt-out plugin if you do not want Google Analytics to track your use of our site.
NREUM, NRAGENT, JSESSIONIDThese cookies are session cookies used to track performance data on our site.
ASP.NET_SessionIdThis cookie is used to store temporary settings and personalised options between page loads.

Third party cookies

We use various services (eg Google Translate, social media) and embed content (eg videos) from third parties that may also set cookies on your computer. As we do not control dissemination of these cookies you should refer to the relevant third party website for information on their cookies.

If cookies are not allowed we remove the third party services that are considered to not be strictly necessary to provide content you have requested for our site.