Patient portal

We are working with a patient communications specialist called Healthcare Communications to provide our patients with an online portal. The portal will enable you to view your appointment letters online as a digital letter. It will mean you can:

  • change the language of the letter online
  • choose if you would like the letter to be read to you
  • change the size of the text or background colour of the digital letter

We have already started using the portal to contact patients on waiting lists to confirm if they are still wanting to be seen and whether there has been any change in their medical condition which would require a review.

You will receive your digital letter on the day the appointment is booked by the hospital. The portal will have more features added over time, including digital leaflets, questionnaires and e-forms. It will also allow you to book, cancel or reschedule your appointments. We are planning for the portal to be fully functional by Spring/Summer 2022.

You can choose to opt out of digital communications, and if you do, paper communications will remain in place.

Please watch the Patient Engagement Portal video below, which explains how the portal works, how to register and how to access your digital letter.